Saturday, 13 January 2018

Be Prepared - Taking Bookings Now

So you've finished your first draft. Excellent. Many people begin the process full of the fever of a new story and live characters, but not everyone brings it to completion. You've done it, and that's no mean feat. Time to pat yourself on the back before moving forward with script-development and pre-release preparation. Of course, before you dive into the next draft, you'll want to make sure you have a good idea how to self-edit. That takes research and practice, studying up on the wide breadth of material available on the internet and also from recommended books in your library and local book shop. Becoming active in online writing forums is also a good way of not just receiving constructive feedback, but of honing your critiquing and editing skills, essential for being able to work through several rewrites as you bring your novel closer to its ready-to-go stage.
A lot to do, and good reason to ensure you're not caught out down the line when you'll require professional assistance in raising your work beyond the many who just write and release. You don't want to fall into that category, and thankfully things seem to be improving, with more and more writers seeking out professionals to help them bring a higher quality product to the reader.

The nature of the writing and editing business sees a constant flow of queries and bookings coming my way, some in the short term, but many taking advantage of booking their place several months down the line, if not longer. Most writers - not all - know the benefit of being prepared, of timing specific elements of pre-release so they won't find themselves under undue pressure - not just prepping for a professional edit, but with the likes of ensuring that a working team of beta-readers is in-situ to return broad-scope feedback, or that sufficient research has been carried out in locating a cover designer and formatter, not to mention developing the all-important social-media platform.
Once you have your editor booked, you can focus on self-editing and rewriting, applying pertinent points from your free sample edit to the rest of your manuscript. And because you've booked your spot, you'll have that unique charged focus brought on by a solid deadline. Nothing like it, to be honest.

I have calendar openings from April. Many slots from there are taken through hard or provisional bookings, but if you're looking for a reputable professional editor, I will do my best to accommodate you. Of course, that all depends on my sample edit of the chapter/extract you'll have submitted. Once it's returned to you, we'll both know where we stand - I'll have a pretty solid idea where you're at as a writer, and you'll know if I'm the editor for you.

You know what stage you're at in your script development, and that you have a substantial amount of work ahead of you. You'll also know that you don't want to be caught out down the line. Make it easier for yourself - send a sample chapter to and I'll start the ball rolling at my end.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Take My Clients' Word For It...

It's easy enough to blather on about what I have to offer as an independent editor, as I do on regular occasions when promoting myself across my social-media platform, but there's nothing like backing it up with solid testimony from my clients. No arms were twisted in this exercise - I simply asked them to share their thoughts on the service I provided, and continue to do so as their editor. I'll add more as they come in. Read on...

LJ Ryan - Romance/Drama. Debut novel recently released.
I employed Eamon as editor of my first novel. Through his professionalism and expertise, he guided me and helped build my own knowledge and confidence in developing a novel. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eamon for any new or experienced writers. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Micah Harris - Literary. Debut novel recently released.

I found Eamon from the glowing review of a fellow author. He told me what he would do, then he did it, ahead of schedule and at a very reasonable cost. I was also surprised at the depth of insight tying his edits together. Eamon will intuit what you are trying to do and the style that makes it you, and--rather than remaking you according to some idea of what a book should be--he will point the way to an even better way of being you.

Tina Hammond - Fantasy/Paranormal

I approached Eamon/Clear-View Fiction Editing for my Urban Fantasy trilogy and I've been continually impressed with his developmental suggestions and the quality of his editing. Eamon is respectful of an author's vision, and willing to compromise. An excellent writing partner!

Ray Ronan - Thriller/Paranormal

Working with Eamon as an editor is a transformative experience for both book and author. Having passed through other editors, it wasn't until I worked with Eamon that I really saw the value in my book and was proud to have it up there and published. I now felt I had something as professional as anything traditionally published. I'd highly recommend working with Clear-View. If you don't believe me, go read my book, To Die For. There, review and pitch in one. If there are any errors in this review, that's all down to me. Eamon had nothing to do with it. ;-)

Mary Bradford - Multi-genre

I've known Eamon for a number of years and when I need advice and editing for my projects, he is my go-to man. He is someone who is thorough, professional, and above all else brilliant in working with you to bring out the best in your writing. Eamon is approachable on all aspects of writing and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is seeking an editor - they will not be disappointed.

Amy Tierney - Romance

Loved working with Eamon on my first two novels. I found him very efficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of editing and proofing. I would certainly recommend him as a developmental editor, a line-editor, and a proofreader to anyone in the process of developing their manuscript.

Frank Parker - Literary/Historical

Eamon did a fantastic job, working with me to turn a mediocre novel into one of which Irish writer and playwright John MacKenna said my “characters came alive”. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to anyone who needs a sympathetic editor.

S.K. Nicholls - Commercial Fiction/Thriller

I had a manuscript that had been beta read and approved by a dozen authors. Rather than rush to publish, I stuck it on a shelf, because I wasn't satisfied it met my own standards, but wasn't sure what polishing it needed. I was referred to Clear-View Fiction Editing by another author who understood that I needed developmental editing and not simply proofreading. Eamon and I forged a working relationship and I couldn't be happier with his services. I had not worked with a professional editor and he exercised patience and understanding throughout my first encounter with the process, making it a pleasant and positive experience. Eamon taught me valuable techniques and helped me develop insights into my own work that will stay with me forever. His professionalism, attention to detail, and comprehensive knowledge and skill gave me the confidence needed to transform my manuscript into a novel worthy of publication. Whether a new writer, or seasoned, Clear-View Fiction Editing can provide the guidance and support you need to produce a premium product. Highly recommended.

Gormla Hughes - Academic/Essay/Memoir

There are no words to recommend Eamon highly enough. I can only say: meticulous, educates, generous, insightful.

Kathryn Estrada - Middle-grade/Historical. Debut novel due to be released in 2018.

Eamon has just returned to me the final proof of my upper middle-grade novel, and I am completely thrilled by it. As I read through the pages, I'm reminded of the many insightful edits he made in terms of both plot and phrase. Even the smallest article or conjunction was not overlooked. Every writer wants to turn out the best possible version of their story and Eamon is the editor who will help make that happen. He truly knew my characters which, I believe, is critical in shaping the story. His skills have my wholehearted endorsement, and I sincerely believe there is no better value among editing services than those he provides.

Monica Mastrantonio - Literary

Eamon provides a great editing service, respecting the voice, timing, and structure of the novel. Very proud to have chosen him for Open/Pierre's journey after war, by Margareth Stewart.

Attracta Fahy

Almost three years ago, I engaged Eamon in Clear-View Fiction Editing to support me with a personal project, which was a complex and convoluted process. I found Eamon's approach to be professional, proficient, and extremely competent in the overall editing, structure, and proofreading of this work. Eamon's clarity in his work, attention to detail, insight and knowledge in his craft, was invaluable.
In the last year, I have worked with Eamon while undertaking a Masters Degree Course in Writing. His precise expertise and advice was a huge contributory factor in my overall achievement of an Honours Degree.
One quality that stands out is Eamon's honesty, and his advice in outlining realistic suggestions. Apart from this, Eamon is reasonable in price, offers very good value for work, and his commitment is second to none. Eamon is also easy to work with. He has a particular respect for the essence of what is being expressed in the writing itself. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any project.

So there you are, straight from the proverbial horse's mouth, so to speak. Can't really get better than that, can you? Unless, of course, you wish to experience my expertise for yourself. If you're up for that, all you have to do is email me at: and we can have a wee chat. You can take a look through my other blog posts, and there's also my website:

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Indie Editor Open for Bookings

If your manuscript is ready to be edited and you haven't yet found a professional editor to bring your work to a ready-to-go state before submission or self-publishing, I have openings over the coming months. All you have to do to set the ball rolling is send a short sample chapter to me at This is important as I don't take on new clients without doing a sample edit first. It works for both of us - I'll know where you stand as a writer, and you'll know on return if my editing approach suits your needs.

Read my clients' views on the services I offer:

Check out my website to get a better idea of my editing approach:

Take a run through my blog to view my thoughts on editing, writing, and taking care of yourself as a creative artist:

Here's a link to one of my blog posts - a bit of a rant about taking shortcuts when prepping your work for release.

Visit my Facebook page: https: //

Once we agree to work together, I'll schedule you in for your wip's (work in progress) first edit, which is as deep and comprehensive as it gets. When you've applied my suggestions (as you see fit) and completed your rewrite, send it back for its second run, which goes as deep as the first, but primarily takes into account the work's development from the first edit. After your next rewrite, I carry out an eagle-eyed proofread that sets your wip up for pre-release prepping - I make a point of publicizing my clients' upcoming releases across my social-media platform. Once that's done, you're out there in the ever-expanding universe of Indie-publishing, with me at your side all the way. You know where I am if you need me.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Back to the Grindstone - a salutary tale of travel torture

As the title to this post says, I'm back to the grindstone after my break away in the beautiful environs of Italy's Liguria - based in Rapallo and taking in all surrounding coastal towns and villages, not forgetting the fantastic mountain sanctuary of Montellegro, with its astonishing views and peaceful setting. Bernie and I were spoilt rotten by the sun, the sea, the food - the people - the history and cultural depth of the area, and just about everything the Italian Riviera had to offer.

Yes, a holiday there is highly recommended, but all great and wonderful things must come to an end, and ours came to a surprising thump in the name of Ryanair. We had four flights to make: Our first from Knock to London's Stansted, with our second flight connecting to Genoa next day, but that was cancelled in the initial flurry of Ryanair cancellations. We had notice so took it on the chin, booked a replacement flight for the following day, and made the best of London by staying in my son's for two very happy nights where we enjoyed time with my granddaughter and her family.

We flew to Genoa and enjoyed a magical six nights (we lost one because of the cancellation) in Rapallo and its environs. Then we turned up at Genoa airport for our third flight, heading back to Stansted, only to be informed that our flight had been cancelled, without notice to us. Unbelievable, and with no Ryanair staff to connect with. Anyway, thanks to the airport staff, we got a fight for the next day and booked ourselves into the airport hotel for that night - lucky for us we had sufficient funds. Our main problem, though, apart from the shock of having a flight cancelled for the second time on our four-flight holiday, our connecting flight from Stansted to Knock in Ireland wouldn't be met at 10 am next morning, and our Airb&b stay was wasted because it was too late to cancel.

What to do...? We went through language and geographical hoops to finally connect with a Ryanair contact, who basically promised to book us on a flight the following day, but I would have to call back in forty minutes to complete the booking. Of course, when I tried to call back, it was like leaping into the darkest, deepest hole, blindfolded and manacled. I was given numbers that rang out, with no way back to the original connection. Their Live Chat helpline also went AWOL. Lots of deep breaths at this stage, plus an Americano with a large shot of Bushmills.

We decided to sleep on it and start again first thing next morning after breakfast, but we were too upset to tackle more than coffee. Anyway, we finally connected to their Live Chat and went through more hoops to clarify our situation with a contact who was obviously using English as a second or third language. He/she informed us that a flight back to Knock was available on the 22nd, four days later! Mamma Mai! After my other half dragged me back out of the computer-monitor's portal, I calmed down and we eventually got our contact to book us on a 10 pm flight to Dublin from Stansted - at least we'd be back on our island and a bus or train-ride away from Knock airport, where our car was parked, collecting added charges.

But no, that flight would land at 11.30, so we'd miss the last bus connection. Was there no end to this? At this stage we were getting no further on the Live Chat so we took what we had and arrived at Stansted, with five hours to pass and the prospect of having to arrange an overnight stay in Dublin. Here's where Bernie took over. We went straight to Ryanair's Customer Service desk - I wasn't looking forward to what I envisioned would be a bloodbath. But that was before we met Kamal. This chap is a wonder - a calm, polite, and ultimately humane person, who went out of his way to accommodate us once we explained our situation and showed him our paper-trail of Ryanair-inflicted torture. He deserves special commendation in this narrative. Long-story-short, he got us onto an 8 pm standby flight to Dublin, due in shortly after nine, which meant we could get a bus back to Sligo and our bed, which meant we just had to get another bus to Knock airport this morning to collect the car (Bernie looked after that).

We're going to sit down later and put all our receipts and documents together before connecting with Ryanair's claims' contact, though I'm sure it'll be a form-filling exercise more than actually communicating with a human. We live in hope that we'll be reimbursed for our expenses and compensated for our inconvenience.

So, now I'm back at my desk, loose ends sorted, ready to get back into what I love and do best -  editing. While this runway is fairly full, there will be no cancellations, and all will be accommodated in good time. I may not be a Kamal, but I make a point of looking after my clients and their interests. They know that, which is why they stick with me, and they are appreciated for that.

If you have a novel or memoir that you feel is ready for a professional edit, drop me a line at and we can have a chat about your options.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Support Indie Authors

Tweeters or bloggers passing this way will hopefully understand the importance of supporting independent authors, not just through buying their novels or collections, but by making the effort to leave an honest reader's review on their Amazon page, or on whatever platform you purchase their product. Reviews are like gold to the author, whose job is hard enough as it is. Your assistance in this regard is hugely appreciated. Support indie authors by leaving a review. Pass the word on, you never know when you might one day depend on the same yourself.

If an author isn't yet published, then you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook, shadowing their progress as they prepare their novel for release. What better way to get to know an upcoming writer than by visiting them on a regular basis to see how things are developing? Below are the Twitter and Amazon pages of several of my clients. Take some time out of your day to check them out, and to follow them. Being supportive will do you the world of good.

Ray Ronan - Thrillers/Paranormal

T. Hammond - Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

Amy Tierney - Romance

Mary T. Bradford - Multi-genre

Susan K. Nicholls - Thriller/Comedy

Frank Parker - Literary/Historical

Phillipa Vincent Connolly - Historical

Monica Mastrantonio - Literary

Gormla Hughes - Memoir/Political/Mental Health

Mary Angland - Drama/Romance

Micah Harris - Literary

Dreama Frisk - Historical/Drama

L. J. Ryan - Romance

Aisling Keogh - Drama/Romance

Vivienne Walls

Kathryn Estrada - Children/YA

Attracta Fahy

Friday, 7 July 2017

Taking Bookings for Fiction and Memoir

If your manuscript is ready to be edited and you haven't yet found a professional editor to bring your work to a ready-to-go state before submission or self-publishing, I have openings over the coming months. All you have to do to set the ball rolling is send a sample chapter to me at This is important as I don't take on new clients without doing a sample edit first.

See for yourself what my clients say about the services I provide:

Check out my website to get a better idea of my editing approach:

Take a run through my blog to view my thoughts on editing, writing, and taking care of yourself as a creative artist:

Here's a link to one of my blog posts - a bit of a rant about taking shortcuts when prepping your work for release.

Visit my Facebook page: https: //

Thursday, 8 June 2017

A Gentle Reminder to Writers

A Gentle Reminder to Writers

This is just a short note – a gentle reminder. As I mentioned in an earlier post, writers need to be cognizant of their scheduling, especially when most of their focus is placed on completing the first draft of their work-in-progress (wip). It’s easy to lose sense of time and what lies ahead of the self-edit.

Whatever month it is as you develop your wip—say it’s June—you need to project ahead, possibly several months, maybe even a year, to when your work is ready to be professionally edited. You don’t want to be hanging around for too long, waiting, so it’s highly recommended, by this editor anyway, that you plan ahead and endeavour to book your slot to prevent disappointment.

I’m usually booked up into the near future, often longer, so be sure to contact me so we can block off those couple of weeks for your all-important first edit. Visit my website to get a better idea of my editing approach, or scroll through my blog for insights and tips on writing, self-editing, and keeping sane in this creative whirlwind we’re caught up in. You can also visit my Facebook page, where a supportive like is always appreciated, or follow me on Twitter.